We are a small group of Harley Davidson riders doing a silent auction. Two years ago you donate gift cards to our auction. Last year I came by and give a flyer to a older lady. She said she would make sure the owner would get the flyer but I never heard back from any one. I am a loyal customer and love your food. I have read the article about the owner and how he turn his life around. We do back pack for the homeless. We adopted three needy families at Christmas. We go to Shop & Save and pay for families Thanksgiving Day Dinner. This is all done with the money raised from our silent auction. Please can you help us again to make our auction a success to help the needy. My name is Beverly Simpson, 1482 Remington Oaks, Fenton Mo 63026. I have not received a reply back for the last year and this year. Please keep up the excellent food and service from a loyal customer.

Submitted by, Simpson

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