It Works Revolution

April 15, 2015. One week ago Amy, one of my favorite customers which I’ve known for the last 9 years came to my restaurant and told me that she was celebrating a very special day on her life! She was quitting her full time job and becoming a stay at home mom. Definitely that wasn’t what I was expecting to hear but I was very happy for her! Most moms nowadays don’t have a whole lot of time to spend with their kids.

I couldn’t help but wonder how they were going to make ends meet at home. After all, Amy used to be a very successful business women in the Human Resources arena and she had a six figure income. So I asked her and she told me that 11 months ago she started a side business selling products for It Works in the little spare time that she had both being a mom and a full time worker. Now Amy is earning more than $10,000 a month…

She is doing that while making people skinnier, sexier, healthier and happier. All while spending as much free time with her kids as she wants. Amy also looks great and she looks happy and healthy! Being a restaurant owner I know how it feels to want to have more free time! Stress can kill people as well as poor nutrition!

That’s why I have joined the revolution. It Works has patented products that nobody else offers on the market. So when you join the company as an independent distributor you can be certain that you have a product that people want! The success of a product depends entirely on the demand for it. Guess what? The wraps that tighten, firm and tone your skin are everyone’s dream! Everybody wants to look and feel better!

But It Works has a patent on them and nobody can buy them except through you! It Works Products are affordable! About a third of the price of similar products and vitamins on the market! Join the revolution and just like Amy, 11 months after today you could be making $10,000 a month and helping single moms become solvent, people behind on their mortgages make their payments, and families more financially stable! Learn more at